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Artist Week

This is a unique opportunity to completely immerse yourself in art and creativity, gaining deep knowledge in an international group, restricted in size, guided by professional, experienced artists who have a lot to offer.

There are no day to day details to worry about, as during the week everything is tken care of for you, from the comfortable accommodation and delicious meals to walks and study visit, from classes with your tutors to materials and your space in the studio.

Focus on your own artistic project, give yourself time, learn, converse, live alongside and grow alongside your fellows and the artists.

This week is out of this world! Enter into an artistic, motivational universe that will transform and enrich you, and help you grow - both as an artist and as a human being.

Oil Painting with Bodil Eide and Paulo Borges
A week with Bodil Eide (Norway) and Paulo Borges (Portugal). Introduction to the world of oil painting. Development of capacity for observation. Enhance ones sensibility and awareness of colour and form.
Japanese wood firing ceramics with Masakazu Kusakabe
A week with Sensei Masakazu Kusakabe (Japan). Getting to know the history of Japanese ceramics, the ash glazes, making tea bowl or small sculptures. Fire your art pieces in our wood firing kiln.
Make your own chair with Peter Lanyon
A week with Peter Lanyon. Learn to make a free-form chair of your own design. We will use fresh-cut wood cut from the surrounding forest for a creative and unique chair.
Painting and Artisanal Production of ‘Azulejos’ with Cristina Vilarinho
The azulejo is one of Portugal’s most emblematic forms of cultural expression. They have been decorating and giving life to the walls of palaces and churches, public buildings and train stations.