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Art & Craft

Cerdeira Village has been closely linked to art since its conception.

We have all the conditions and equipment necessary for it to be a place of learning, interaction and creative inspiration between people from various cultures with different skills.

Art & Craft in the Cerdeira Village

We provide artistic experiences for our visitors in varied programmes for both amateur and professional artists. You can choose between a small experience or week-long intensive course.

The atmosphere is of friendship and mutual support. We work with excellent instructors and unique work spaces. The view is in the heart of an unparralleled and inspirational environment.

Creative Experiences
Short taster workshops, 3 hours, prior reservation.
Workshops, adapted to a weekend stay, include 10 hours of teaching and free time to work in the studios. Fixed dates, for beginners and novices. Consult our calendar.
Masterclasses let you learn from the experts. Courses are for both novices and professionals and can last for several days.
Artist Week
We offer a week-long program guided by artists. Includes 24 hours of classes, free access to the studios, accommodation, meals and a field trip to Coimbra. For beginners and novices. By prior reservation. Have a look at our calendar.

Since 2006 we have been organizing the annual event Elementos à Solta – Art Meets Nature, in which we invite artists across all media to stay, exhibit their work and share their skills and knowledge, amongst themselves with visitors.