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Artist Residencies

Come to Cerdeira to be part of this creative and artistic hub in an environment where art and nature are closely linked. Make the most of our equipment, studios and support.

Artist Residencies

Stay in a tranquil and isolated environment, learning from your fellow artists. Here, your artistic project can take shape, and you can share ideas, knowledge and experiences with other artists, who visit from every corner of the world. Without doubt, an unforgettable experience.

Artist Residencies in Private Houses

If you are looking to spend some time away from it all, you can do so in one of our houses here in Cerdeira Village. The tranquility of the village, its magnificent views, the comfort of the houses, its unique charm and the calmness of the surrounding hills make it the perfect place for you to be inspired with no interruptions.

The houses are fully-equipped and have everything you need for a comfortable stay, whether in winter or in summer. They have twin rooms, bathrooms, a living room/kitchen with workspace, and a veranda. All have central heating. Sheets, towels and breakfast are included. There is a minimum stay of two weeks, but you can stay as long as you like! Remember, you can also bring your family with you.

The Residency Guide Handbook (PDF)

Accommodation | Casa do Vale ou Casa do Sol

Equipment | Multiuse Studio, Specialised technical support (requested in advance), Library, Laundry Room, Gallery, Cafe.


  • Accommodation in Casa do Vale or Casa do Sol (1 person + 1 companion), with free access to shared studios: 2 weeks 1150€ | 3 weeks 1680€ | 4 weeks 2100€
  • Specialised technical support - on request

You might be interested in combining your artistic residency with our program of workshops, masterclasses, our artistic fetival in June or any of the other creative events that we organise during the year, all of which let our visitors interact directly with other artists of various nationalities.

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Artist Residencies in Shared House

The traditional accommodation is in shared rooms. The house has two large rooms with central heating, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room. The minimum stay is two weeks.

The Residency Guide Handbook (PDF)

Equipment | Multiuse Studio, Specialised technical support (requested in advance), Library, Laundry Room, WIFI in studios, Gallery, Cafe.


  • 2 week stay in shared house – 240€ (each additional week 100€)
  • Access to shared studios with basic technical support – 50€/week
  • Specialised technical support – on request
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Dozens of artists from all over the world have been inspired by Cerdeira to work on creative projects during our Artistic Residencies program.

Alwina Heinz, GERMANY
Annie Gatenby, AUSTRALIA
Bianca Pagliai, USA
Binod Kumar Balami , NEPAL
Christopher Savage, CANADA
Clare Conway, USA
David Cuende Farran, SPAIN
Deanna Pizzitelli, CANADA
Edgard Oliva, BRAZIL
Elliot Dollie, USA
Emma McIntyre, SCOTLAND
Hannah Haffmanns, GERMANY
Jean-Christophe Lavigne, FRANCE
Jim Bove, USA
Kate Pietukowski, AUSTRALIA
Louis Sicard, FRANCE
Lucrecia Laurel, ARGENTINA
Masakazu Kusakabe, JAPAN
Max Turner, GERMANY
Mercedes Ibaibarriaga, SPAIN
Miriam Bohacova, CZECH REPUBLIC
Navin Jungali, NEPAL
Patrícia Carvalho, PORTUGAL
Paulina Majda, POLAND
Randi Wolfman, USA
Renata Szür, AUSTRIA
Roberto Mortágua, PORTUGAL
Roni Smith, ENGLAND
Sofya Volfkovich, ISRAEL
Sonia Toneu, SPAIN
Sophie Davidovic, FRANCE
Stephanie Larsiemont, BELGIUM
Tamara Browne, USA
Vanessa Balaguer Yuste , SPAIN
Yoko Sekino-Bove USA/JAPAN

If you intend to visit Cerdeira Village to work on an artistic or personal project, contact us, filling in the application form, and tell us all about why you want to visit us and what your specific needs are.