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Creative Travel Writing

Creative Travel Writing

This course is aimed at every kind of traveller, whether budget or luxury, from sofa tourists to radical wanderers, and those that prefer to cover the kilometres on paper to getting on a train or plane. Here, you don't need to pay airport taxes and excess baggage isn't charged for. All you need is the will power, and to be prepared to truly look.

Upcoming dates: 28 October 2017 – 29 October 2017
Timing: 11h – 16h
Price: 85 € (lunch included)
Aimed at: for beginners with or without experience | 6 – 15 pessoas
Instructor: Tiago Salazar


  • – Brief history of travel literature
  • – Portugues authors from the XVI to the modern day
  • – Theoreticsal considerations and writing techniques
  • – Writing and photography in the field
  • – Phases of writing (notepad to book)
  • – 1st line: thought and feeling
  • – Progression and ending
  • – What isn't travel writing
  • – The spontaneous
  • – Writing, rewriting and reviewing (the art of telling the tale you lived to tell)
  • – Technique, talent, work
  • – Problems, errors, syntax
  • – Resources (libraries, sites, blogs etc)
  • – Travel photography


  • If you decide to stay in one of our houses you will enjoy a 10% discount.
  • Group meals can also be ordered.

Accommodation not included, book now
Tiago Salazar

Tiago Salazar

Author and Journalist

Tiago has a degree in International Relations, and studied scripwriting and drama in London. He has a doctorate in tourism. He has been working as a journalist since 1991, and is currently a freelancer. He won the Young Reporter prize awarded by the Portuguese National Centre of Culture in 1995. He is a teacher of writing and travel literature. As an author he has published five travel books in Portuguese: Viagens Sentimentais (2007) A Casa do Mundo (2008) As Rotas do Sonho (2010) Endereço Desconhecido (2011) and Crónica da Selva (2014). He also wrote the intimate diary Hei-de Amar-te Mais (2013) and the work of fiction O Baú Contador de Histórias (2014). He also edited Quo Vadis, Salazar? (Escritos do Exílio), a compilation of chronical and tales written in self-imposed fiscal exile. The historical romance A Escada de Istambul is his most recent book. His play A Orelha Negra will soon be performed.